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We specialise in Town Planning Permits for Dual Occupancy, Multi-Unit and Medium Density Developments in Melbourne & Geelong, with an approval rate of 100% in 2021

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    About us

    About Us

    Backed by more than 20 years of experience, Lazarovski Design is an exclusive building design firm specializing in Dual Occupancy, Multi-Unit (2-20) and Medium Density Developments (20-50). Our experienced team has designed more than 15,000 dwellings in Melbourne and Victoria, and we boast an astounding 100% approval rating with Melbourne councils in 2021!

    As a boutique building design studio, we believe that quality is far more important than quantity. That’s why we focus more on providing each individual client and project with the kind of detail that it takes to make them successful; no matter the size or scope of the development.

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    Our Happy Customers

    Customer Guarantees

    Any good business backs up their success rate and customer service with reliable guarantees; especially when they know they provide the best service in town. As such, here at Lazarovski Design we offer three specific guarantees to ensure you get the best possible experience when working with our team.

    1.Fixed Price Guarantee
    We offer fixed price quotations with no hidden extras. That means no changes, no secrets, and no amendment fees; even if the council comes back with changes. You’ll never pay extra once you’ve been quoted a price. This lasts until the permit is granted or the application is refused. Fixed means fixed.

    2.Satisfaction Guarantee
    Every job is a partnership and every partner deserve to feel confident in our service. That’s why we provide clear and responsive communication from the time we start until the job is complete. We promise to always provide you with fast answers so you can make smart business decisions. We guarantee it.

    3.Money Back Guarantee*
    Here at Lazarovski Design we take every job and every client seriously which is why we’re the only firm in Melbourne who offers a true 100% money back guarantee if you do not receive a Town Planning Permit. We’re here to do the job right; even if it takes a few extra steps. *Conditions apply

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