How LAZAROVSKI Design Works


We work with people who have a bit of extra land that needs to be sorted. We work with beginner property developers (who have never developed property before), all the way through to experienced land developers. Basically, anyone who has some extra space that they would like to build on or develop. We aim to guide you through the process, explaining each and every step so that you have a clearer understanding of the process. Our aim is to educate you along the way which in turn will help in future projects. And don’t stress, we will manage the process from start to end for you, and deal with council on your behalf. All that you need to do is contact us with your thoughts or concerns, and let our experienced team handle it all for you. We absolutely love it!


We work with builders who require a dedicated team to help design and manage their next projects. We enjoy getting involved from the initial design stage, through the Town Planning Permit & Working Drawings process, the building permit, all the way up to the subdivision and title stage. Over our 20 years in the industry, we have established an expert team that can handle any scale project, whether it be 2 units or 50 units – we have you covered. Alternatively, if you wish to use your own consultants, that’s cool with us too! We welcome the chance to work with other consultants as we can all bounce ideas off each other. Our speciality is to provide an end to end solution to builders and developers to free up their time, so that you may focus on more important things – building.


We work with property developers who range from first time projects all the way up to experienced teams who have been in the game for some time. We aim to pass on our knowledge and experience with all councils and all areas to help your business grow. We guide you into identifying the site’s opportunities, constraints and feasibility – a vital tool to have in this industry. We also like to keep you up to date with upcoming changes in zoning, rules and regulations, so that you may plan your next project. We offer an end to end solution so that you may focus on more important things to expand your business. As you grow, we grow.


Some investors may be located either interstate or internationally and really don’t have the time to travel or maintain their projects but need the whole process taken care of from start to end. We offer an end to end service where we can manage the whole process from Town Planning Permits, to Building Permits, construction and subdivision. We have established an extremely experienced team over time and can help in all aspects of property development. We also have a vast network of reputable builders who would be perfect for any size project in all area of Melbourne or Victoria. We can help with it all, just leave it to us. It’s our speciality.


What you can expect

From the initial design consultation, to the sketches, floor plans, elevations and revisions – you can always expect the utmost detail and care your project. We constantly strive to please our clients and provide the project the time, dedication and effort that it deserves. We can take the project from start to end through all 4 stages of the project if you wish, or you may engage us to only do certain aspects of your development. It’s your choice and we are cool with that too. Our goal is to obtain a successful outcome for you, and make your project come to life – whatever it takes. You will always be looked after with us, rather than just be a number in the system. We care.

Frequently Asked Questions

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