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Backed by more than 20 years of experience, Lazarovski Design is an exclusive building design firm specializing in Dual Occupancy, Multi-Unit (2-20) and Medium Density Developments (20-50). Our experienced team has designed more than 15,000 dwellings in Melbourne and Victoria, and we boast an astounding 100% approval rating with Melbourne councils in 2020!

As a boutique building design studio, we believe that quality is far more important than quantity. That’s why we focus more on providing each individual client and project with the kind of detail that it takes to make them successful; no matter the size or scope of the development.

Above all, we believe in establishing real, long-term relationships that go beyond obtaining town planning and building permits and help create sustainable developments that we can all feel proud to be a part of.

What we do

We’ve had the immense opportunity to work with people all over the area and design Medium Density residential developments that have made a big impact locally. In fact, we’ve designed many dwellings to the rear of an existing, Dual Occupancy, Multi-Unit, and Medium Density Developments of all shapes and sizes, all over Melbourne. This has allowed us to truly excel when focused on 2-50 dwellings on a site, which has become our strongest position of design. We are proud to say that we have become “Melbourne’s Specialists in Town Planning & Unit Design.”

Be it our Dual Occupancy designs, Multi-Unit Developments, or Medium Density projects our highly experienced team takes the same approach every time. We offer end-to-end planning and design solutions that covers every stage from initial sketches through to town planning and building permits, to construction and subdivision (if required).

In other words, we help our clients succeed because we care about every detail and work diligently to ensure nothing is missed from start to finish. What’s more, we accomplish the tasks while strengthening our working relationships at the same time; we’re passionate about helping our partners grow and thrive alongside each new project.

Here at Lazarovski Design we maintain that local feel because we’re located right in the heart of South Melbourne. This centralized location allows us better access to all areas of Melbourne and Victoria, but also gives us a better opportunity to connect one-on-one with each client. And whether we’re focused on eco-friendly paperless plans or more traditional printed works, we’ll do whatever it takes to make the process seamless.

Plans should fit today, support tomorrow, and be scalable for the future. And here at Lazarovski Design our vision is to maintain a design-focused, family-friendly firm that meets the specific needs of every individual client.

We believe every project deserves focused dedication, reliability, and commitment from initial design all the way through to subdivision and occupancy. Overall, we understand that our unique creative design and “outside the box thinking” allow to overcome any challenge and solve any problem because we care about our clients and the outcome.

Every site requires its own special needs, presents opportunities, and constraints, which means every project gets our full focus. And because no two jobs are alike, we never create cookie-cutter plans.

We’re passionate about creating room configurations and setups that meet your individual needs. We succeed because we take the time to analyse each situation and leverage our past experiences and success to create something that is truly sustainable.

As a one-stop-shop for all things design, we’ll be there to walk you through the entire planning process. Every drawing, document, design, and tendering process (if required) will be met with efficiency, reliability, and transparency—all to ensure you achieve a successful Town Planning Permit and approved Building Permit so you project can take shape.

Our experience with thousands of builders and unique projects means we know that things change, surprises can pop up, and developments might need to change on the fly. However, our goal is to help reduce the stress by reducing unnecessary time delays and unexpected site costs with smart, sound decisions.

We want to educate you during the process and expedite your project efforts so you can feel confident with every step. Smart, simple, and smooth; this is how we’ll get you from A to Z even if a few bumps are in the road.

Unlike other design teams that focus on carports, pergolas, extensions, new homes or some other project ideas—we solely focus on Dual Occupancies, Multi-Unit and Medium Density designs. This means we’re experts at what we do and known to navigate the entire process.

This focus allows us to work more quickly and efficiently than others in the industry, which is easily found in our architectural experience and the relationships we’ve created with local councils.

For example, while some parts of ResCode are based upon interpretation rather than solid rules, the relationships we’ve created and on experienced in previously approved planning permits allows us to push projects along even when other teams get stuck waiting for approvals.

The local trust we’ve built goes beyond just the design and development process, and often means the difference between an approval and a rejection by council. Our relaxed, compassionate attitude towards clients and council officers helps us exceed even the greatest expectations, because we’re always willing to go the extra mile and do the right thing every time.

We currently offer a 4-part system that covers preliminaries, requirement permits, and all required documentation to commence building. This streamlined system also helps us educate our partners, engage and support builders, and back everything with a money-back guarantee*.

*Conditions apply

Our Skills

Property Owners 91% 91%
Developers 83% 83%
Builders 76% 76%
Investors 68% 68%
How LAZAROVSKI Design Works



We work with people who have a bit of extra land that needs to be sorted. We work with beginner property developers (who have never developed property before), all the way through to experienced land developers. Basically, anyone who has some extra space that they would like to build on or develop. We aim to guide you through the process, explaining each and every step so that you have a clearer understanding of the process. Our aim is to educate you along the way which in turn will help in future projects. And don’t stress, we will manage the process from start to end for you, and deal with council on your behalf. All that you need to do is contact us with your thoughts or concerns, and let our experienced team handle it all for you. We absolutely love it!


We work with builders who require a dedicated team to help design and manage their next projects. We enjoy getting involved from the initial design stage, through the Town Planning Permit & Working Drawings process, the building permit, all the way up to the subdivision and title stage. Over our 20 years in the industry, we have established an expert team that can handle any scale project, whether it be 2 units or 50 units – we have you covered. Alternatively, if you wish to use your own consultants, that’s cool with us too! We welcome the chance to work with other consultants as we can all bounce ideas off each other. Our speciality is to provide an end to end solution to builders and developers to free up their time, so that you may focus on more important things – building.


We work with property developers who range from first time projects all the way up to experienced teams who have been in the game for some time. We aim to pass on our knowledge and experience with all councils and all areas to help your business grow. We guide you into identifying the site’s opportunities, constraints and feasibility – a vital tool to have in this industry. We also like to keep you up to date with upcoming changes in zoning, rules and regulations, so that you may plan your next project. We offer an end to end solution so that you may focus on more important things to expand your business. As you grow, we grow.


Some investors may be located either interstate or internationally and really don’t have the time to travel or maintain their projects but need the whole process taken care of from start to end. We offer an end to end service where we can manage the whole process from Town Planning Permits, to Building Permits, construction and subdivision. We have established an extremely experienced team over time and can help in all aspects of property development. We also have a vast network of reputable builders who would be perfect for any size project in all area of Melbourne or Victoria. We can help with it all, just leave it to us. It’s our speciality.

Dwellings designed
Satisfied Clients
% Our Approval rate
Local Councils
% approval rate at VCAT


Any good business backs up their success rate and customer service with reliable guarantees; especially when they know they provide the best service in town. As such, here at Lazarovski Design we offer three specific guarantees to ensure you get the best possible experience when working with our team.

Fixed Price Guarantee
We offer fixed price quotations with no hidden extras. That means no changes, no secrets, and no amendment fees; even if the council comes back with changes. You’ll never pay extra once you’ve been quoted a price. This lasts until the permit is granted or the application is refused. Fixed means fixed.

Satisfaction Guarantee
Every job is a partnership and every partner deserve to feel confident in our service. That’s why we provide clear and responsive communication from the time we start until the job is complete. We promise to always provide you with fast answers so you can make smart business decisions. We guarantee it.

Money Back Guarantee
Here at Lazarovski Design we take every job and every client seriously which is why we’re the only firm in Melbourne who offers a true 100% money back guarantee if you do not receive a Town Planning Permit. We’re here to do the job right; even if it takes a few extra steps. *Conditions apply


Goran is an award-winning building designer, who previously founded a high-volume building design firm focused on producing town planning applications in Melbourne. While it allowed for extensive growth and experience with thousands of dwellings designed and approved by local councils and major builders, it was just a steppingstone for the newest iteration of Goran, and the formation of Lazarovski Design.

Lazarovski Design has evolved into a boutique building design firm focused on supporting individual projects in Melbourne and Victoria thrive with attention to detail and experience not found anywhere else. We’ve had the opportunity to help businesses, investors, and individuals with dual occupancy designs or multi-unit developments that truly enhance communities and make a local impact.

Goran studied Building Design at Victoria University and Architecture at Deakin University. He is also a registered builder with the Victorian Building Authority and holds memberships with all the highest institutions.


“Throughout my career the challenges of every project, along with the demand to squeeze more into each project, has given me the skills to maximise every millimetre from every site. Every project allows me to push the envelope and the boundaries for each site and I truly enjoy finding the grey areas in the design world and leveraging them in ways that help our clients.”

“As a registered builder in Victoria I’ve developed many properties over the last 18 years. This hands-on experience and full-development process allow me to better understand the challenges of time constraints, building complications and setbacks, and unforeseen circumstances; and then create smart avenues to continually move forward.”

“ I am experienced in all areas of this amazing process, including design, development, and handing over the project at the end to the client; but I like to consider myself primarily a building designer with an expertise in town planning applications for dual occupancies and multi-unit developments.”


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