Here is what happens when you work with us

We want to educate you during the process and expedite your project efforts so you can feel confident with every step. Smart, simple, and smooth; this is how we’ll get you from A to Z even if a few bumps are in the road.

We have developed a ‘4 Step Process’ to further help you follow your application from the initial sketch design, all the way through construction, subdivision and registering your titles.

Here’s the 4 simple steps involved in making your project come to life:

Please watch the video below for a simple explanation of the process involved. You may download the ‘4 Step Processhere for your future reference and guide.


Town Planning Process

  1. First catch up to discuss the project, requirements, regulations, etc.
  2. Site review and investigation
  3. Feedback and fee proposal
  4. Commencement
  5. Plot layout & Concepts
  6. Floor Plan design and development
  7. Façade Design and development
  8. Collate all required consultants (arborist, traffic engineer, land surveyor, landscape architect, etc)
  9. Council Submission
  10. Council preliminary review
  11. Request for Further Information
  12. Re-Submission
  13. Council assessment
  14. Advertising period
  15. Council final assessment
  16. Planning Permit Issued
  17. Endorsed Drawings


If you do not already have a builder in mind, then we can recommend a builder that will be a perfect fit for your project, no matter how small or large. From our experience, there is no point going to a small builder for a large job, or a large builder for a small job. You need the right builder for the right project. A specialist in their field.

  1. Obtain quotes for the project
  2. Assess the quotes and inclusions
  3. Provide quotes and recommendations for review
  4. Builder engaged
  5. construction commences

Building Permit

  1. Project review & fee proposal
  2. Commencement
  3. Engage all required consultants
  4. Commence working drawings documentation
  5. Collate all required consultants (energy raters, structural engineers, civil engineers, geotechnical engineers, arborists, etc.)
  6. Package up all required information
  7. Building Permit Submission
  8. Building Permit Issued


  1. Engage a Licenced Land Surveyor
  2. They submit to council and relevant authorities for approval
  3. Construction is completed
  4. Statement of Compliance is issued by council
  5. Subdivision is registered at the Land Titles Office and new titles are produced

Customer Guarantees

Any good business backs up their success rate and customer service with reliable guarantees; especially when they know they provide the best service in town. As such, here at Lazarovski Design we offer three specific guarantees to ensure you get the best possible experience when working with our team.

Fixed Price Guarantee

We offer fixed price quotations with no hidden extras. That means no changes, no secrets, and no amendment fees; even if the council comes back with changes. You’ll never pay extra once you’ve been quoted a price. This lasts until the permit is granted or the application is refused. Fixed means fixed.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Every job is a partnership and every partner deserve to feel confident in our service. That’s why we provide clear and responsive communication from the time we start until the job is complete. We promise to always provide you with fast answers so you can make smart business decisions. We guarantee it.

Money Back Guarantee

Here at Lazarovski Design we take every job and client seriously which is why we’re the only firm in Melbourne who offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you do not receive a Town Planning Permit. We’re here to do the right job; even if it takes a few extra steps. Some simple conditions do apply:


  • The only thing that we obviously cannot control are the neighbours, so the guarantee is subject to objections. If any objections are received, then we can not guarantee that council will approve the application based on neighbour’s objections, as each council has their own ‘objection policy’. Some councils require more than 5 objections to refuse the application, and some councils may refuse based on one objection. It all depends on the type and number of objections per application. But don’t worry, a simple objection of ‘I just don’t want units next door’ is not accepted by council and not taken into consideration. For an objection to be valid, it must be in writing, and state how the design either adversely affects the objector or property, or it must explain how the design fails to comply with he rules of ResCode or guidelines of council’s local policies.
  • Our advice must be followed at all times. We have a success rate of 98.7% and we like to keep it that way, but unfortunately some applicants just push the boundaries way too far, or there may have been a significant number of objections, something out of everyone’s control. There is always the option to have a refusal heard and assessed by a member at VCAT, where the chances of obtaining the permit increase. Some clients take another approach and push the boundaries very far initially, to have the council refuse the application quickly so that the application may be heard in VCAT sooner. This has proven to be a very successful process for some projects. However, we prefer to work with council where you will be given an opportunity to address council’s concerns at an early stage (prior to advertising). It will then be up to you to either comply, or push the council for a permit or a refusal. Either way don’t worry as we are here to help and come up with creative solutions to satisfy council’s concerns, and ultimately receive your Town Planning permit. That’s our goal from start to end. But for the Guarantee to be valid, our advice must be followed throughout the whole project.
  • Once we have been engaged to commence works, and we then discover that what you are after will not physically work, then we provide a full refund at the beginning of the project. We cannot commence works without the proper authority from the owner, and without a deposit. 99% of the time, we know right from the initial viewing of the property what we can do with the site, but there’s always that one occasion where something restricts the design and we may need to commence the project to find out what is and isn’t possible. If this is the case, then your full deposit will be refunded, and the project will be cancelled.
  • The Money Back Guarantee must be expressly provided for each project for the guarantee to be valid.

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